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Tel: 0800 783 2928

Mobile: 07733 335733

About us


Meet the team

Wedding Superheroes and Event Ninja’s

is part of a multi award winning team that has been saving events from torpidity for the past 20 years using original and high end products alongside efficacious powers of top quality service.

PB2K was established in 2015 after two people became great friends, one had equipment the other had time, massive enthusiasm.

Before PB2K matured and developed their full Wedding Superhero and Event Ninja skills we were part of DJ2K multi award winning wedding DJs. Our amazing booths were sold as an optional enhancement complimenting their mobile disco services for around 3 years before we put on the lycra and began getting to work on weddings, parties and corporate events as a solo entity.

Feeling we had to use our powers for good (we only employ good heroes) the decision to pull out the lycra and wear our pants on the outside was a simple one. After seeing what vigilantes had been doing, we made the decision to take our Magic Selfie Mirror and Photo Booths, add our own fun twist and begin saving clients one event at a time. With our skills in the customer service department and event industry we decided to offer high quality and satisfying booth’s. As you can tell we are not mundane about our approach and have as much fun along the way as our clients. Not because we are slacking off! but because we want to offer something bold, fresh, interactive and fun, whilst truly enjoying what we do and now PB2K is here (I guess if you are still reading this you have worked that out by now)!!

Today after many hours searching and training, we have finally found some other heroes to team up with and help run a booth with the same values and passion as we have. Like all heroes they have their own powers and all bring something with them. We love our little justice league!

If you want to find out more about how you can have our heroes save your day, turn on the bat signal… No wait! Sorry got carried away… Filling out the contact form below will do just fine.

Our Promise

  • To uphold the integrity rules of superheros in any business we are involved in.
  • To use our abilities to arrive at an event in a timely manner, leaving our alter egos at home.
  • To provide our guests with more entertainment than even the joker can create.
  • Use our super speed to respond in a timely manner to all inquiries made.
  • Use our powers of deduction to realise no two events are the same, and use our Ninja skills to tailor our booth/mirror to suit our customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Like Superman himself we will maintain a friendly, professional, polite and courteous attitude to our clients, and their guests.
  • To use all our Wedding Super Hero and Event Ninja skills to the best of our ability to ensure evil does not ruin your event like Kryptonite to Superman.
  • Like all good heroes we will learn and grow continuously to ensure our company at all times bring with them the flair and fun we have worked so hard to find.

Location Information

Based in Southern England PB2K is often spotted at and recommended by some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, these include but are not limited to Wotton House, Pennyhill Park, The Royal Berkshire Hotel, The Barn at Bury Court, Pembroke Lodge, Oaks Farm, Coltsford Mill, Kingswood Golf & Country Club and The Talbot, Ripley. We cover such locations as Guildford, Farnham, Kingston, Richmond, Brighton, Wimbledon, EC1, London’s, West End & Westminster. Traveling throughout the South including Hampshire, Surrey, Brighton and Hove, Kent, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and London.